I’m very excited to announce a new, site-specific Unbuilt Room at Pitzhanger Manor, once the summer home of architect John Soane. Newly-restored, the building is amazing (…and features a new contemporary art gallery with an exhibition from Anish Kapoor).

Performances will be at 7:00, 7:30, 8:00, 9:00 and 9:30pm… during the Manor’s June “Late” event (tickets to the Late here) — part of the London Festival of Architecture.

You can find out about everything I'm doing on, including info about my shows Beowulf and A House Repeated.

Just gone...

> I presented The Unbuilt Room at...

Oxford Playhouse on 20-22 March 2017 in a vault of Brasenose College as part of the Playhouse Plays Out programme.  In this bespoke version, an audience of up to 25 explored the city of Oxford.

The Museum of London on 7 November 2016 as part of the "CITY  |  SPACE  |  VIDEO GAMES" series.  I performed a new, larger-audience version of the show, after which Ju Row Farr (Blast Theory), Michael Takeo Magruder and I each gave a short talk about our work and then contributed to a panel discussion with Dr. Magnus Moar (Middlesex University).

> A House Repeated - the longer, larger-audience companion piece to The Unbuilt Room - returned to Battersea Arts Centre for two weeks: 18-29 October 2016.  More info on

Both A House Repeated and We This Way are the result of The Unbuilt Room: Scratch Quartet, a development process supported by Battersea Arts Centre in Autumn 2014.  Details of this project can be found on the "Scratch" page here.

It's no longer new, but it's still pretty cool:  I was interviewed for Exeunt Magazine… In homage to the inspiration for The Unbuilt Room, William Drew turned our chat into a text-adventure game!  Read/play it here