Bespoke versions of The Unbuilt Room have been presented at...

  • The British Library
  • Battersea Arts Centre
  • The Science Museum
  • Turner Contemporary
  • Oxford Playhouse
  • Stratford Circus
  • Undercurrent Weekend, Shoreham By Sea
  • The Nightingale
  • White Night, Brighton & Hove
  • Hastings Museum & Art Gallery
  • Royal Holloway Science Festival (via Home Live Art)

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Bespoke versions are based on the venue in which they are presented or written in response to a specific theme or context.

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The Touring version of The Unbuilt Room has been presented at...

  • Latitude Festival, Suffolk
  • Flint Microfestival, Salisbury
  • The Royal Geographical Society / IF Conference
  • Peninsula Arts, Plymouth
  • Coastal Currents, Hastings (via Home Live Art)

(scroll down for details)

The Touring version is not based on a specific building.  It can be presented virtually anywhere with minimal setup time and no technical support.  For information on books please contact me.


THE BRITISH LIBRARY, London  16, 23, 30 Sept and 7 Oct 2014

A new version of The Unbuilt Room commissioned to accompany the First World War exhibition Enduring War: Grief, Grit and Humour. For full information, please visit this version’s dedicated page here.


BATTERSEA ARTS CENTRE, London  7-9, 14-16, 21-23 Nov 2013

A bespoke version set in the labyrinthine history and intriguing spaces (and vice versa) of Battersea Arts Centre / Town Hall.  Exploring the heritage of the building as much as the architecture, players encountered a Suffragette meeting, Blitz diaries and a giant turtle.  Commissioned for BAC's celebration of the 120th anniversary of Battersea Town Hall.


THE SCIENCE MUSEUM, London  1-2 Oct 2011

A bespoke version set inside the human brain!  Players explored rooms based on the functions of the Occipital Lobe, Pineal Gland, Amygdala...  Presented as part of the PLAYER festival, produced by Trigger.  A review of The Unbuilt Room can be found on the Science Museum Blog.  Performed by Seth Kriebel and/or Zoe Bouras.


TURNER CONTEMPORARY, Margate  25 Nov 2011

A bespoke version made for the Late Night Live - Game On event.  Performed by Seth Kriebel and Zoe Bouras.


OXFORD PLAYHOUSE, 20-22 Mar 2017

A bespoke version based on the city of Oxford.  A new, expanded format for an audience of up to 25.  Presented in a vault of Brasenose College as part of the Playhouse Plays Out programme.


STRATFORD CIRCUS, London  14-16 Oct 2011

A bespoke version based on Stratford Circus and presented as part of the Experimental Weekend 2011 (featuring work from Athletes of the Heart, Il PIxel Rosso, Davy & Kristin McGuire and Scottee).  Lights by Stuart Howitt for Stratford Circus.


UNDERCURRENT WEEKEND, Shoreham-by-Sea  17-19 Aug 2012

The Unbuilt Town - A bespoke version performed on a houseboat and across the town of Shoreham-by-Sea.  Rather than rooms in a building, players explored the Churchyard, Riverbank, Beach... Performed by Seth Kriebel and Zoe Bouras.



The Unbuilt Room was created and developed at the Nightingale with the kind support of Steven Brett and Kate Gowar.

21-23 Oct 2010 - Original presentation - a bespoke version set in the Nightingale.  Performed by Seth Kriebel and Zoe Bouras.

6, 8, 12-15, 19-20 May 2011 - A new bespoke version, completely re-written.  Presented as part of Brighton Fringe.  Performed by Seth Kriebel and/or Zoe Bouras.  Lights by Greg Mickleborough.

29 Oct 2011 - Another new bespoke version, presented for White Night Brighton.  Performed by Seth Kriebel and Zoe Bouras.

Thanks:  Peader Kirk, Tassos Stevens, Andy Field, Sally O'Reilly, Lucy Moore and Janine Fletcher.



A bespoke version based in the Museum, with players exploring the collection as well as the building.  Presented as part of the exhibition On the Map: Historic Maps and Contemporary Map Art.  Performed by Seth Kriebel and Zoe Bouras.


ROYAL HOLLOWAY SCIENCE FESTIVAL, Royal Holloway, University of London, Egham 23 Mar 2013

A new version with a science twist, presented as part of Home Live Art's Science Alternative Village Fete.  Performed by Seth Kriebel and Zoe Bouras.



LATITUDE FESTIVAL, Suffolk  19 Jul 2015

Presented at Latitude Festival. Performed by Seth Kriebel and Zoe Bouras.


FLINT MICROFESTIVAL, Salisbury  17 Nov 2012

Presented at Salisbury Arts Centre as part of Two Destination Language's FLINT Microfestival.


PENINSULA ARTS, Plymouth  1-2 Nov 2013

Presented in conjunction with the Plymouth University's Expanded Narrative Symposium.


COASTAL CURRENTS, Hastings  6 Oct 2013

Presented as part of Late Checkout, the closing party for Coastal Currents 2013 (via Home Live Art).


IF CONFERENCE, Royal Geographical Society, London  26 Nov 2011

Presented at Intelligence Squared's IF Conference.